Welcome Fall 2015 Joinee

Congratulations on your admission to Cornell University! We extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of Cornell India Association. We hope you will have a great time in beautiful Ithaca.

Things you should do right away:

  • Join our official OrgSync group. Cornell uses the membership of this group to determine the size of our organization, which directly affects the cool stuff we've planned for the coming year.
  • Join the official Google group/mailing list to coordinate amongst yourselves. While the Cornell India Association board members are on the list, the purpose of the list is really to help you folks get to know each other and make plans about arriving in Ithaca.
  • Join the India-L mailing list by sending a blank email with the subject "Join" (without quotes) to india-l-request@cornell.edu
  • Join the ISSO mailing lists.

One of the primary purposes of the CIA is to facilitate a smooth transition to grad student life here at Cornell. To that end, we have assembled a compendium of useful information related to traveling to Ithaca, stuff to get from India, housing at Ithaca, and other miscellaneous questions you may have. Even though we have gone to great lengths to compile this information, please bear in mind that it is not exhaustive, and may be outdated. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Useful Links

Forum for Incoming Students

You can also view our official Google group for incoming students below

Upcoming Events 
There are no upcoming events at this time.