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About Us...

Welcome to Community Gardens at Cornell! We are a Cornell University-associated community garden club. Membership is open to anyone in the Ithaca community.

The Community Garden Plots are located on Freese Road between Hanshaw and Dryden Roads.

General Information:

  • Prospective gardeners can reach out at any time to be added to our mailing list. The mailing list is used to communicate important dates and direct people to reserve plots
  • There will be an optional meeting for club members and officers in the early spring
  • All of our members must complete a "Best Gardening Practices" gardening class provided by Cornell Cooperative Extension. We intend to make recordings of the session available for people who can't make it in person. We will record an attestation that each gardener reviewed the material
  • Gardening can begin after the fields are plowed and plots are marked. Usually early-mid May, although very wet weather can delay our access to the gardens.
  • Staking to mark the plots will be sometime in late April or early May. Volunteers are needed!
  • Gardens must be cleared by a date (TBD) in mid October immediately followed by a volunteer clean-up effort so that the the fields can be prepared for the next season.
  • Fields are plowed each fall and disked each spring by Cornell Farm Services. We rotate gardening between the north and the south fields every two years. The 2019 season is our second season in the north field. The other field is cover cropped with winter rye in the fall, interseeded with clover in the spring and mowed in the late summer of the first fallow year. The clover remains as cover for year two and is incorporated back into the soil at the end of year two.
  • Full Details of our license agreement with Corrnell including expectations, rules and operating procedures: 2018_Cornell_Community_Garden_License

Garden Plots Fees

20 x 25 ft. plots are $30 for the 2019 growing season.

Compost and water are included.


Reserve a plot

Complete the online form located here to register for a plot (there is a plot map below and in the form showing available plots): Registration Form. If you have any problems completing the form online, please contact communitygardens@cornell.edu

Then pay for your plot(s) using paypal (be sure to add the number of plots you are reserving):


Mail Checks to ($30 per plot):

Cornell Garden Plots
PO Box 4062
Ithaca, NY 14852-4062

Plot Map Showing Reservations

I'm new! How can I get help?

I'm experienced but have a question or concern!

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) provides tremendous amounts of information for beginner and experienced gardeners:



You can find planting and frost information, information on pest and disease control, access to the "Growline" where you can ask for advice and links to excellent reference material.

CCE Tompkins also organizes the annual http://ccetompkins.org/gardening/garden-events/spring-garden-fair-plant-sale

Another Cornell club, Hortus Forum also organizes a plant sale in the spring.  Their facebook page has the details: https://www.facebook.com/hortusforum/


Thanks to all of a gardener-volunteers who help us mark plots in the spring, clean up in the fall and report water leaks or other concerns. Special thanks to those who manage the extensive water distribution infrastructure, navigate our relationship with Cornell, handle finances and communications, and coordinate deliveries to the Food Donation Network. The Cornell Campus Activities Office coordinates all Cornell-associated Clubs and the Cornell real estate department provides support for our license to use the land. Cornell Farm Services provides all of the plowing, mowing, compost delivery and cover crop services. Our water access is provided by Bolton Point via metered access to a nearby hydrant. The Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) has worked with us extensively to work out appropriate rules and expectations for our activities as stewards of the land.

Questions? Contact us at: communitygardens@cornell.edu

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Announcement List: community_gardens_announce-l@cornell.edu (all gardeners will be added automatically but you are welcome to subscribe whether you are gardening or not)

Discussion Listcommunity_gardens_discuss-l@cornell.edu

Facebook Group: facebook group

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