About EDS

The Cornell Electron Devices Society (EDS) serves as a forum for Cornell graduate students and researchers working in electronic devices and related areas to gather for interaction. The areas of research include micro- and nano-scale devices, electronic materials, circuits, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and photonics, among others.

Talks are hosted weekly by colleagues or guest speakers, usually Fridays at 12:00 PM in Phillips Hall. Exact room locations are announced in the flyers and emails prior to the talk.

Current Leadership

President: Sophia Rocco

Vice President: Jonathan McCandless

Treasurer: Adarsh Ravi

Webmaster: Olalekan Afuye

Advertising: Ryan Page, Di Ni

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Debdeep Jena

Past Leadership 2017-2018

President: Shyam Bharadwaj

Vice President: Reet Chaudhuri

Treasurer: Adarsh Ravi

Webmaster: Yutong Liu

Advertising: Sophia Rocco

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Debdeep Jena

Past Leadership 2016-2017

President: Alex Ruyack

Vice President: Hazal Yüksel

Treasurer: Shyam Bharadwaj

Secretary: Visarute Pinrod

Webmaster: Leanna Pancoast


Past Leadership 2015-2016

President: Suren Jayasuriya‎

Vice President: Sachin Nadig

Treasurer: Mingda Li

Secretary: Alexander Ruyack

Social Chairs and Webmasters: Ajay Bhat and Visarute Pinrod

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Debdeep Jena

Past Leadership 2014-2015

President: Ved Gund

Vice Presidents: Sachin Nadig, Brian Calderon

Treasurer: Chris Phare

Secretary: Aseema Mohanty

Social Chairs: Kevin Luke, Suren Jayasuriya

Webmaster: Avik Dutt

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sunil Bhave

Past Leadership (2013-14)

President: Avik Dutt

Vice Presidents: Ved Gund, Sachin Nadig

Treasurer: Chris Phare

Secretary: Ritika Dusad

Social Chairs: Kevin Luke, Suren Jayasuriya

Webmaster: Jon Puder, Brian Stern

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sunil Bhave

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Join the listserv to receive updates on upcoming EDS events. Email eds-l-request@cornell.edu with body of the message "join" (no quotation marks) and no subject.


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We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have. Let us know what kind of job we are doing with respect to the talks being held or this website in general!

If you have any relevant topic in mind that you would like to hear about, or a speaker you'd like to invite for a talk at EDS, let us know by sending a message using the contact form, and we'll attempt to make that happen.