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SAAGA aims to be a community for graduate and professional students that either self-identify as Asian American or are interested in topics relating to the Asian American experience. We provide members the opportunity to socialize with others, share academic and professional advice, and discuss issues of race, ethnicity, politics, and culture as they pertain to Asian Americans. Our activities include invited lectures, discussions, film screenings, collaborations with other similar groups on campus and networking events.

SAAGA is a member organization of the Cornell Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (CAPSU), the umbrella organization for Asian/Asian American and Asian-interest organizations at Cornell. We also work closely with the Asian and Asian American Center and the Asian American Studies Program, and we work with the Cornell Asian Alumni Association to strengthen the Asian graduate student alumni base.

SAAGA is one of four Graduate Students of Color (SOC) organizations at Cornell. The four SOC groups work closely with the Graduate School's Office of Inclusion and Student Engagement to enhance diversity and inclusion among the graduate student community. We also collaborate on several events during the year. The other three SOC organizations are:

  • Black Graduate and Professional Student Association (BGPSA) 
  • Indigenous Graduate Student Association (IGSA)
  • Latino/Latina Graduate Student Coalition (LGSC)

To contact the SAAGA leadership, please email saagaboard-L (at) cornell.edu. To join our email list saaga-L@cornell.edu, please send an email to saaga-l-request@cornell.edu with the single word "join" in the subject line. Please leave the body of the email blank. 

Please also join our Facebook group! Search "Society for Asian American Graduate Affairs (SAAGA)".

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