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Vol. 4 Issue 2 Raag Bageshree

Bageshree is an old raga. Its name is derived from "Vaagishwari", a name for the Hindu goddess of learning. It is an extremely popular raga in Hindustani music, but has no equivalent in Carnatic music. The raga is classified into Kafi thaat and is associated with the late night, preceding midnight. Three varieties of the raga exist, but the general structure remains the same. We will look at one of the versions. The aaroha-avaroha are as follows:

Aaroha: S g M D n S"

Avaroha: S" n D M, M P D g R, S

(capital letters: shuddha swaras)


  1. Smt Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande
  2. Pt Kumar Gandharva
  3. Pt Jagdish Prasad
  4. Ust Amir Khan
  5. Ust Amjad Ali Khan (sarod)
  6. Pt Nikhil banerjee (sitar)
  7. Ust Asad Ali Khan (rudraveena)
  8. Smt Sanhita Nandi. Note - Sanhitaji sang Bageshree at SPICMACAY Cornell's Spring 2014 concert. This is a different recording, however.

Some Hindi film songs based on Bageshree:

  1. "Bedardi Dagaabaaz Ja"
  2. "Jao Jao Nand ke Lala"
  3. "Jaag Dard e Ishq Jaag"
  4. "Radha Na Bole Na Bole"