Our History

The Cornell chapter of SPICMACAY was formed in May, 1992, at a meeting presided over by Dr. Kiran Seth, the founder of SPICMACAY. Our logo, the "Third Eye" of Shiva is a symbol of the light of knowledge or 'Gnyana'. In an episode of the great Indian epic 'The Mahabharata', Parvati, the daughter of mountains, playfully covers Lord Shiva's eyes. No sooner does she cover his eyes than the world and the heavens above submerge in complete darkness- the darkness of ignorance. Shiva then opens his third eye, bringing back the light of knowledge. SPICMACAY's birth in India in 1977 symbolizes the realization that it is important to promote cultural and traditional values of India among the youth.

Background on Indian classical music and dance

Resources at Cornell University

The Department of Music at Cornell University offers a course on Asian music: MUSIC 1302 Introduction to World Music II Asia. For details, check Course Descriptions.

Lincoln Hall offers several practice rooms that can be reserved throughout the semester. Check the Performing in the Music Department page for details.

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