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  • Category: Graduate Student
  • Description: The Psychoanalysis Reading Group is made up primarily of Cornell graduate students, but all interested parties are welcome to participate. The group is not intended to provide an introduction or first exposure to works of psychoanalytic theory (for many of us, psychoanalysis is a primary or at least central focus of our research), but neither does it suppose any prior background on the part of participants. Because they are so fundamental, the texts we read should be of interest both to the specialist and to those approaching psychoanalysis for the first time. The Psychoanalysis Reading Group meets every two weeks to discuss readings related to psychoanalysis. We generally organize the readings according to a theme, though the reading list is ultimately determined by the research interests of group participants. Traditionally the Psychoanalysis Reading Group organizes an annual conference every spring, to which we invite one or two keynote speakers. All members of the group are welcome to participate in the planning process and to propose papers.
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  • Keywords:
    • graduate student
    • reading group
    • psychoanalysis
    • theory

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